Instructions for the use of the platform and for submitting abstracts/awards

  1. In order to submit abstracts/awards, please fill in the application form.
  2. You will then receive an email with your password to access the platform.
  3. Once in, go to the section “Submit Abstracts/Awards” where you will find a pdf file with the guideline to submit the abstracts/awards, as well as  the application forms for the nominations.
  4. In order to upload your proposal into the platform, click on the “new abstract/award proposal” button
  5. An application form will be opened, please fill in the different fields. Your abstract or your project form must be attached and then click on the submit button
  6. The resolution of your proposal will be sent by the Scientific Committee through the platform
  7. Once your abstract/award will be accepted, please send your presentation to the Technical Secretariat.

Please contact the Technical Secretariat by email organizacion@eurocongres.es, in case of any doubt.