Sale policy

Sale policy

These conditions are very important for you and for us, as they are designed to create a legal agreement among us, protecting your rights as a client and ours as a company.

Please read carefully these conditions and our privacy policies before confirming any payment when the order is done.

At present, ordering any product or service through www.eurocongres.es can only be done in the Spanish language.

Eurocongres will not maintain a copy of the present conditions linked to each order, so we highly recommend to keep a copy of these conditions.


When ordering anything from congresodeingenieriahospitalaria.com/gijon2021/en means the agreement of the price, the product description and the general sales conditions of the order. These conditions will only be applied to the service booked.

Once you place an order through congresodeingenieriahospitalaria.com/gijon2021/en, you have to guarantee that you are authorized to use the chosen credit or debit card, if payment is made by card. Only people with the necessary legal capacity to sign contracts related to the services proposed on this website can place orders.

Once you place an order, you have to continue the whole process until the payment. Once done, you will receive an email confirming your order (the “email confirmation”).


Eurocongres does not provide products, only services are offered and the availability of them will be shown on our website.

Please check our refund policy in case you want to return a service. We will refund you the payment deducting the administration fees, according to our cancellation policy.


The services ordered will be sent either to your email or to a postal address or to a different person you may wish, as long as the delivery address will be located in Spain including the Balearic Islands. It will be delivered within a regular working hours.

We understand that the order has been done once you or another person sign the receipt. In case that the purchase is sent by email and any person does not get in contact with Eurocongres, we understand that the delivery has been succesful.


The costs of the services will be published by Eurocongres and will include the current taxes. The cost of each services has to be totally paid once ordered.

Eurocongres reserves the right to modify the prices, at any time. The services already ordered will be invoiced according to the prices included on our website at the moment of the purchase.

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